40 years experience

In 1971 Per-Åke Wasberger founded the company in Sweden and they have since then supplied the narrow web industry with machinery and systems. In 2004 they established the Grafotronic brand together with their partner Lesko Engineering in Poland.

Family values

Grafotronic is proud of every machine they build and they send a little bit of themselves in each shipment. A friendly and personal relationship with all their customers based on trust and partnership is one reason why almost all their customers are coming back for more grafotronic machines. They have several customers with 2,3,4,5 and even 6 installed machines. Not bad after 7 years on the market.
They are growing together and they never stop listening to new needs, innovations and higher efficiency from their customers.

Grafotronic loves special requests

Grafotronic machines are designed in a modular way from the beginning. Easy and not expensive to modify. They have standard widths and a long list of options like everybody else, however, their team of engineers love to design new features and special applications. There is no standard machine and they are happy to try to solve any challenge from customer and they do not charge a fortune for items outside the option list.

Affordable quality a win – win

They are known for robust machinery designed to last with thick side walls and a heavy duty construction. You see it, you feel it and their customers know it. Grafotronic develop the technology to meet the needs in the most cost efficient way without compromising on quality. They manufacture most components themselves in their brand new 1500 sqm factory in Warsawa, Poland.

Few competitors can ever beat them on price / performance

Join the more than 250 happy Grafotronic customers around the world and let´s build a better future together.