Industrial Inkjet


Inkjet is increasingly becoming the digital printing technology of choice for many industrial applications, and IIJ’s solutions using Konica Minolta’s industrial inkjet product offering means that it is easier than ever to integrate this innovative technology into your current processes.

Combining IIJ’s experience and Konica Minolta’s industrial inkjet technology a reliable, high-quality, precision print systems is delivered to meet current industry trends:
- Variable data printing
- Short runs
- High-speed single-pass
- Compatibility with a range of rigid, flexible or even 3D substrates
- Fluid compatibility –print or functionality

No matter what your experience, the benefits of industrial inkjet technology will be realized in new or unusual applications, such as:
- Primary label printing
- Packaging
- Direct product decoration
- Coatings
- Printed electronics

Depending on what you are trying to achieve there are probably already relevant print samples that demonstrate the results you can expect. We are happy to work with your engineers to design a simple, cost-effective system that will quickly get you up-and-running!