Industrial Inkjet ColourPrint i-series

A range of extremely compact, single-pass print engines – high speed models.

Our print engines use Konica Minolta printhead units for accuracy, quality and highest possible reliability. Now available with full variable information software from Global Inkjet Systems.

- CMYK process colour.
- Various print widths available. See brochure for details.
- Suitable for UV cured, ceramics and water-based textile inks.
- Suitable for web printing, sheet-feed and product decoration applications. Ideal for decoration of 3D parts.

IIJ print engines are designed to be easily integrated into the customer’s existing production line or equipment.

- Printhead unit slides out for simple, rapid and easy cleaning. Slides and cleaning tray included.
- Ink and electronics cabinets can be mounted within the customer’s production equipment.
- An alternative stand-alone trolley is available.
- Flexible conduit 4m long between supply cabinets and printhead unit.
- Only two signals needed – shaft encoder and print trigger.
- Ink supply bottles can be changed without stopping print. Bottles are 1L as standard (Custom sizes available).
- Supplied with full variable image software (barcodes, numbering, addressing, database). Includes job design package.
- Standard UV inks provide excellent print quality, adhesion and wear resistance on most plastic materials, often without any pre-treatment.
- UV flourescent security inks available.
- Versions for white ink, varnish, conductive inks and functional fluids available.
- Fully recirculating ink supply system for ceramics inks.
- Customised versions available – different print speeds, print widths, number of colours and print resolution.